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NILG Library|Collection


At present LIDC is one of the major treasure house for local government and allied subjects. It has an stock of about 30000 (thirty thousands) library documents including books, journals, reports, mimeos, serials, govt. publications (acts, ordinances, rules, notifications, reports) CDS audiovisual materials etc. A number of national and international magazines and 14 dailies are now subscribed by LIDC. Besides, the annual reports, research and training reports, training manuals and other publications of NILG are also included in the collection.


The collection are mainly on the following subjects -

1. Local government and Local Self Government

2. Rural Sociology and Rural Development

3. Urban Sociology and Urban Development

4. Environmental Management

5. Solid Waste management

6. Disaster Management

7. Economics and Finance

8. Women Empowerment

9. Civil Service

10. Reference subjects

11. Religion

12. NGO Activities and

13. Other areas of social development.